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It’s been a while.

I’ve been dormant for… reasons. The tl;dr version would be taking a step back to look at the bigger picture, realigning my life and goals to post-university life, and building my own website (which is operational for the most part, but still needs a little fine tuning). But my major concern was getting back into the groove of it, ‘cause… it’s been so long.

I have been around for the most part, though, scrolling through my dash, following new interesting people and whatnot, and scouring through the notes of posts that are still being shared and liked from time to time.

And then I realised — I can remain in the background, leave everything and everyone behind, and keep all the new interesting people and things I’ve found in the recesses of my mind, or I could get stop thinking about it so much, making excuses, and just get everything out there, good and bad.

So consider this my version of a big, red reset button — not specifically picking up where I left off all those months ago, but going forward to places unknown.

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On blood, fecal matter, and other fundamentalist excrement

Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance.

And there is more than enough to share, apparently.

Normally, I would come across mere snippets of lies, half-truths, and innuendoes about human sexuality, but this hot, steaming turd of an op-ed from a entertainer/former teacher Mac Fingall which was published by the Nation Newspaper from Barbados is definitely an amalgam of the year.

Here we have someone who clearly has a few axes to grind on the “discussion on homosexuality and same-sex marriage”, referring to the entire concept as abnormal. And he wastes no time —

if allowed to dominate it could spell the end of mankind”.

The end of mankind, he says; notwithstanding the fact that the planet is progressively bursting at the seams with over seven billion people as of last year. Allegedly the gays have some sort of cataclysm in store for the rest of the population.

He then goes on to imply that because a gay couple can’t reproduce, their sex is not productive. Try telling that to them (and anyone else who have no intention of going the way of the bunny rabbit, for that matter); I’m sure they’d say otherwise — sex with zero probability of a Mini-Me can be most productive. But I wonder, what would he say about those who want to and may not be able to procreate through conventional means, or the other species that masturbate and/or do it for fun? Damn you, chimps, penguins, dolphins, squirrels, porcupines, walruses, and bonobos!

Now for the pseudo-science segment based on the purported notion that the female body is somehow divinely designed for the male body. Somehow I see visions of a guy lying down on top of a woman and they somehow fit flush into each other. Truth is, the only design feature the female body has that’s worth mentioning is its potential to make other male and female bodies given certain stimuli.

Moving on..

The sphincter muscle, which is an involuntary muscle, is designed to snap shut so tightly that nothing can pass…

Two words — POTTY TRAINING. As a child we’re taught to hold it in until we reach the porcelain throne, which means the sphincter is not as involuntary as he may think. And the fact that things have and will continue to be inserted… a design flaw, perhaps? 

And he apparently doesn’t have any faith in its resilience,

The constant probing and invasion of the anus can and does cause the sphincter muscle to lose its elasticity and as a result it then cannot shut as tightly as it was originally designed to do… The result is that because of this abnormal act… the individual whose sphincter muscle is not functioning as it should now has to wear diapers.”

When in fact, any loss of elasticity due to anal sex is rare, especially when when done correctly, and, come on, wearing Depends is an indicator/result of homosexuality? That logic is as sound as burning lefties at the stake because their right hands don’t work like everyone else’s.

Now for the kicker — Mac Fingall has found the true origin of HIV and AIDS!

If there is any broken skin, the faeces can enter the bloodstream and the result can be “acquired immune deficiency syndrome”, better as AIDS.

I’m not sure whether I should laugh or curse, given the magnitude of ridiculousness in that one sentence. All this time we were blaming the interaction between other bodily fluids for the spread of the epidemic, but I guess it makes sense that the cause is so simple — after all,

AIDS, being the result of this abnormal act, tells you that there is a punishment for going against the natural wishes of God.

Retuning back to the pseudo-science,

The vagina, which is placed in the perfect position for the pleasure it provides, is used only for sex and the results thereof. Surely I don’t have to tell you that it was not created to carry drugs.

Drugs…? I though we were talking about the gays and how unnatural they were. Okay. But things get even curiouser,

…it is easy to understand that everyone will  not be equally equipped mentally or physically. When therefore there is an imbalance and an individual has mixed feelings or has both male and female reproductive organs making them a hermaphrodite, then this is understandable.

Then the reference to an intersex child at a school where he taught (and the inhumane reference as “the individual”). Still, the link to the overall theme escapes me.

Okay, moving on. He then caps off his oh-so-informative piece in textbook fear-mongering fundamentalist fashion — speaking about the children.

…imagine a society where several adopted children are living in homes with two gay parents… To be influenced from so young with all the mannerisms and inflections… Unnatural behaviour and practices constantly exhibited would become the norm to the child.

As if there’s something wrong with having two parents that love and care for a child, something every child deserves. Much better than the alternatives, if you ask me. And he ends the same way he begins; don’t let the gays marry, or else the world will end.

Alright. Frankly, I have no problem with Mac Fingall having an opinion against homosexuality; it’s his right. But intentionally spreading misinformation for the sole purpose of instilling fear and hatred in the minds of the less informed, especially in this age where information is so easy to find is crossing the line.

And the Nation Newspaper — if this is what they deem as class journalism, heaven help them. It matters not whether we use the usual “the views of the author are not those of the paper” disclaimer (which was conspicuously absent) is enforced. This op-ed is so mired in homophobic, sexist, bigoted, and archaic misinformation that could be easily debunked with a simple Google search. How this made it past the wastebasket is beyond me — purely irresponsible journalism, and an embarrassment to all involved.

He has the right idea.

He has the right idea.